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Trip and fall accidents are quite common phenomenon in today’s world.

Top 10 Causes of Trip and Fall Accidents

Trip and fall accidents are quite common phenomenon in today’s world. People might fall and face some serious injury at his workplace, sidewalks, parking lot, road, departmental grocery stores etc. Though old people and children are more prone to face these types of accidents but anyone might get injured due to these accidents. These accidents at times can be fatal as well. It has been observed that in most of the cases these accidents happen due to the negligence of a third party. Anyways, the victims are fully entitled to claim for compensation from the person for whom he suffered the injury.

Some common causes

As it has been already discussed, cases actually happen because of the negligence and the person responsible for the maintenance of the concerned places can be held responsible for this. The probable causes for these accidents are:

1.    Improper lighting arrangement can be the potential cause for these accidents. Accidents in street, parking lot and construction sites mainly happen due to this factor

2.    Lack of arrangement of signage system especially in the areas with hazardous condition can be a big threat

3.    Often people get injured by slipping down in parking lots. This primarily happens due to the slippery floor where people find it difficult to walk properly

4.    Accidents at Sidewalks happen regularly. Somewhere or the other Sidewalk accidents take place mainly due to cracks, uneven elevations, rubbish or debris jamming the passage for walking, uncovered manholes etc

5.    Falling on staircase and facing injuries is another common phenomenon. This might happen due to the improper cleaning, spilling out of liquid on the stairs, improper lighting etc

6.    Wet floors can be a great threat for people. The chances of falling on wet floors and meeting accidents are very high. This mostly takes place during heavy snow or rainfall and in places where there is arrangement of irrigation system like swimming pools

7.    The most cautious pedestrian may also face slipping and falling accidents due to the negligence of some third person. These accidents happen mainly due to carelessness of construction companies who follow improper practices

8.    Government authorities can also be held responsible when hazardous situation continues to exist in spite of early complains. This mainly takes place due to improper inspection and supervision, ignorance on some alarming situation etc

9.    Floor carpeting in offices or houses can be a real point of concern. Worn out carpets or carpets with inadequate leveling can cause accidents

10.    Unsafe conditions due to the improper design of the building can definitely cause tripping and falling accidents. Absence of hand rails in the staircase, roofs or floors with cracks etc can be some of the examples

How to determine if you are eligible for a claim

Before you hire an accident lawyer in Philly to claim for compensation you should first determine whether the owner of the place or the person responsible for the maintenance of the place had really anything in their control to restrict the accident. If you understand that the situation could have been easily avoided with some amount of carefulness of the person responsible then you can definitely file a case for compensation.

How to make your case stronger

To make your case stronger definitely you require the assistance of an able accident lawyer in Philly. Besides you should also prepare yourself with the following things;

The compensation amount you want to claim
Taking snaps of the place you tripped and faced the accident
Try to gather the evidences and witnesses
Do not tell anything loose in front of the insurance inspectors or claim settlement officers